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Most pupils who enter Year 7 of the SESB at Schiller-Gymnasium come from the two SESB-Primary Schools, the Charles-Dickens-School in Charlottenburg and the Quentin-Blake-School in Zehlendorf. All graduates of these schools have the right to continue their education at Schiller-Gymnasium if they have a grammar school recommendation (gymnasiale Empfehlung).

Year 7 is a trial period during which students must meet certain standards, particularly in English, to remain in the SESB.

Pupils from non-SESB primary and secondary schools who have good or very good marks in both English and German are accepted to the SESB programme in Years 7 to 12 on a space-available basis. These pupils must take an English and/or German test to evaluate their suitability for our bilingual programme. This test consists of tasks in reading, listening, writing and communicating and lasts about 45 minutes.

Further information is available from the Secretary's Office.