Viel Erfolg bei den Prüfungen im Abitur 2024
Erasmus+ Fortbildung Split 2024
Erasmus+ Fortbildung Split 2024

Enriching the Classroom with Technology:
Schiller Teachers Participate in Erasmus+ Course in Croatia

Gario Mc Cauley & Joseph Hannon
Split, Croatia
19 April 2024

Digital tools and technology provide a myriad of approaches to innovative classroom instruction. In the sea of new apps and media, however, choosing and understanding the most effective and engaging tools can be a challenge. From April 13-19, 2024, English teachers Garcio Mc Cauley and Joseph Hannon, along with teachers from 19 other European countries, took part in an Erasmus+ teacher training course called “Using Technology in the Classroom” in beautiful Split, Croatia. Funded by the European Union, the course aims to help teachers develop new skills in digital classroom instruction.