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To continue the dialogue of Schiller and Shakespeare...
A unique bilingual school with native speakers in both languages!
Berlin has a unique concept focusing on bilingualism in nine languages from Pre-school to Abitur-level (Staatliche Europa-Schule Berlin, SESB).  Based at the Schiller-Gymnasium (a non fee-paying state school), we are the SESB English-German school at post primary level, offering qualifications at the end of 10th grade (Mittlerer Schulabschluss) and the German Abitur through German and English.
Your child can benefit from the highly successful early partial immersion model that is the basis of our educational concept.  Students feed into our school from the SESB primary schools, but any child may apply subject to their competence in both languages (determined by a test set by us).
We offer your child a genuinely bicultural education to develop academic skills in both languages.  Teachers of both cultural traditions guide and support pupils  in their academic and personal development. Pupils take part in several activities in close cooperation with the British Council, British Embassy and other cultural institutions. Work  placements prepare the pupils for the demands of the future employment sector.