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20 Years of the SESB at Schiller

The State Europe School Berlin (SESB) began in the summer of 1999 with the first seventh-grade class. One grade was added each year; the first Abitur was awarded to the Class of 2006 after completion of the 13th grade. Pupils who entered seventh grade after the 2006/7 school year take their Abitur at the end of 12th grade.  We have been officially granted the status of Schule mit einer besonderen Prägung, which means we have an official profile.   In 2016 we received some excellent results from the Europa-Studie, which evaluated the State Europe-Schools in Berlin.   The English speaking schools were particularly successful, both academically speaking and with intercultual competences.  More information to follow.

Half of the pupils and teachers in the SESB are native English speakers, and half of the subjects (Biology, History, Geography, Music, English) are taught in English and the other half in German.

For more information, see our school's flyer.