Bis zum 12.2. SalzH für alle Klassenstufen, weiterhin Homeschooling +++ Beratung über Präsenzunterricht in Q4 ab 8.2. (nach den Winterferein)
Welcome to the parent governing body at Schiller!

Get in touch with the parent board:

Hello and welcome future parents and students! Because of Covid our Open Day will not take place in 2021 but we would love to meet you on Zoom where you can ask the parent board all your questions. Meet us 

  • on Wednesday 20.01.21 at 7.30pm on Zoom: -> Meeting ID: 852 0712 0154 -> Meeting Code: 471698 if you are interested in the English-German SESB classes
  • and on Wednesday 27.01.21 at 7.30pm on -> Meeting ID: Meeting ID: 889 9899 7417 -> Kenncode: 548128 if you are interested in the Regelschulzweig.

By taking part in this meeting you accept Zooms data policy, which can be viewed here [External link].

Upcoming parent reps meetings (tbc)

  • on 11.02.21 at 7pm (invite to follow)