Bis zum 12.2. SalzH für alle Klassenstufen, weiterhin Homeschooling +++ Beratung über Präsenzunterricht in Q4 ab 8.2. (nach den Winterferein)
Job opportunities
Teaching Vacancies in the State Europe School Berlin (SESB) at Schiller-Gymnasium

If you are interested in applying for a teaching position in SESB at Schiller-Gymnasium in please send your CV and a covering letter directly to the school. 

Biology, geography, history, politics, music and English (language and literature) are taught in English and we welcome enquiries from qualified teachers of these subjects.

Applicants should speak English as a first language and ideally have at least basic knowledge of German.  Teachers are employed by the Berlin Senate normally on a permanent contract and paid according to the Berlin civil service scale.