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About Schiller-Gymnasium

Welcome to the Schiller-Gymnasium, home of the State Europe School Berlin (SESB). 

Schiller-Gymnasium is a Gymnasium (approximately the equivalent of a grammar school in Britain) with about 900 pupils.  Since 1999 it has included the State Europe School Berlin (SESB) with the partner languages English and German. SESB provides a dual-language education, with half the subjects being taught in English and half in German by first-language speakers. 

In the 'Regelzweig' or regular part of the school, lessons are taught in German and pupils can choose between two foreign language combinations, either English  followed by French or French followed by English. 

As well as being an SESB school, we have a special focus on French. It is possible for students to continue English or French as a focus up until their final exams at Abitur.  Additionally students can take the French DELF-Diplom at our school.  Latin or  Italian can be taken from year 8.  As a large school we are able to offer a wide range of subjects and combinations. Through optional courses in years 8, 9 and 10 students can choose to focus either on creative arts, natural sciences, humanities or languages.

Many of our rooms have recently been updated to meet modern educational needs and we have two sports halls  on site. The school will soon be completely renovated.   Schiller-Gymnasium participated in the project eEducation Masterplan and was therefore able to receive a large number of interactive whiteboards and a computer room. We are applying to increase our digital resources further through the Digitalpakt. Over the last few years there have been a number of projects to develop the school environment and we now have a landscaped school yard, a library and a cafeteria as well as a larger common room for students in years 11 and 12.

We have many projects at Schiller-Gymnasium that involve the whole school.  We have a partnership with the Gedenkstätte Haus der Wannseekonferenz which supported us in investigating our own history and has enabled international student and teacher exchange. We are recognised as a  "Faire Schule" institution and regularly run activities and have initiatives to live up to the name.  We received the certificate "Exzellente Europabildung" recognising our strength in educating about European values and democracy throughout the school. 

Schiller-Gymnasium provides a challenging academic education within an active and diverse community. 

Please contact the headteacher for further information.