Viel Erfolg bei den Prüfungen im Abitur 2024
Yoga and Meditation

At the beginning of October 2023, Ms Jula and Ms Kutz attended a course on "Yoga and Meditation" at the Europass Teachers Academy in Florence.

The focus was on the question of how meditative practice can be integrated into everyday school life in order to strengthen young people mentally. In particular, theatre pedagogical games were used, which the participants tried out themselves and then reflected on.

The high practical component and the various meditative self-exploration tasks set for the participants by the highly experienced yoga teacher Christian Prestia were particularly challenging. However, the theoretical impulses on the scientifically proven effects of yoga and meditation as well as the introduction to the world of the chakras were also part of the intensive workshop.

Meeting teachers from Poland, Finland, the Netherlands, and France as part of the workshop also provided insights into other school systems.

The city of Florence also offered a wealth of cultural activities to explore.

This training programme was funded by the European Union as part of Erasmus+.