Viel Erfolg bei den Prüfungen im Abitur 2024

In November we took part in a professional development course ‘Mindfulness’ in Tenerife, Spain. The course was conducted by Gabriela who works as a personal coach and trainer. The course revolved largely around yoga and meditation as well as stress release techniques. In addition, we focused on personal development and growth mindset in order to stay healthymentally and physically. Not only did we deepen our understanding of personal limits,but also gained insights into other European teachers’ perspectives while sharing experiences from a personal and professional point of view. The other participants came from Slovakia, Poland, Finland, Denmark and Germany. We are looking forward to employing the skills and methods on an individual level as well as in the classroom. The professional development programme was financed by the European Union through Erasmus+.  Farina Gohla and Franziska Heymann