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Multilingualism and European Identity: Prague-Berlin
Multilingualism and European Identity: Prague-Berlin

Erasmus+ Exchange with the Open Gate School in Prague

In November 2022 a group of 15 students from Open-Gate school in Prague came to visit us.  Together we worked on our project investigating Multilingualism and European Identity.  The visiting Czech students spent time both with our year 11 students and with our year 9 students who will be returning the visit in March this year.  The highlight of the time together was a joint visit to the Barberini museum in Potsdam, where all the students wrote and presented creative texts, inspired by European works of art, and speaking in either German or English.  An added challenge for the day was that the Schiller students had to learn at least one phrase in Czech from their partners.

From March 22-24, fifteen students from the 9eu2 accompanied by Ms. Sauer and Mr. Hannon visited our Czech partner school, the Open Gate School, in Babice, which is a small town near Prague. We stayed in the school's dormitories.

The Schiller students collaborated with 17 Open Gate students on our joint project.  The students will continue to work on this project virtually through the end of April, leading up to a digital exhibition.

The joint cooperation among this group of Schiller and Open Gates students began last year in the form of a pen pal letter exchange.

According to feedback from the students, the highlights of the exchange in March were a scavenger hunt in Prague, a visit to the "Time Machine" at the newly renovated Prague National Museum, and of course the interactions with our Czech friends. The project was financed by the European Union through Erasmus+.

Joe Hannon and Rebecca Sauer