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Entrance Requirements
Entrance Requirements for the SESB

Most of the pupils who enter Year 7 of the SESB at Schiller-Gymnasium come from the two SESB-Primary Schools, the Charles-Dickens-School in Charlottenburg and the Quentin-Blake-School in Zehlendorf. 

Year 7 is a trial period during which students must meet certain standards, particularly in English and German, to remain in the SESB.

Pupils from non-SESB primary and secondary schools who have good or very good marks in both English and German are accepted to the SESB programme in Years 7 to 12 on a space-available basis. These pupils must take an English and/or German test to evaluate their suitability for our dual-language programme. This test consists of tasks in reading, listening, writing and communicating and lasts about 60 minutes.

Further information is available from the secretarial office.