Join the Schiller Diversity AG!

When? The first and third Thursday of every month in the 8th lesson in room A102!

Students of all grades are welcome! Bring your own ideas and plans because we want to design and build the Diversity Club together. We want to create a safe, comfortable environment, where students can exchange thoughts and experiences and where everyone feels welcome.

Antidiscrimination and Queer activism; book and movie recommendations; educational projects; POC empowerment workshops: It's all possilbe! Come join us!

You can also take a look at this Padlet page for more information on gender and sexual diversity, book and movie recommendations, gender roles, and diversity. Additional comments are welcome!

Here are some of the topics the Diversity Club has featured so far: Wear It Purple Day; tv/movie screenings; book talks; workshops with other Berlin Diversity Clubs; project ideas; gender roles and stereotypes; discussion games on gender, family, love and discrimination; and much more!