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Planet Strikes Back Environmental Club

As part of the Faire Schule profile, the Planet Strikes Back AG is an environmental club at the school, who welcomes cooperations from outside the school to help our pupils to develop solutions to the many challenges facing our environment. We have had experts who have informed us how sunflowers can remove heavy metal pollution, discussions about different scenarios modelling the future from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research as well as setting up a variety of workshops at the Technical University during the Fridays for Future campaign looking at different possible solutions for the challenges facing us. 

We are setting up a cooperation with the Technical University to establish a green facade and use the green facade as a basis for doing several investigations in a variety of subjects ranging from Physics to Political Science. 

The cooperation with the Berlin branch of the Rotary club has worked well, so that pupils have had the chance to plant trees on a regular basis.

We are delighted that we will be receiving two more taps, so that we can water our trees in summer.

Meanwhile with the help of Frau Edubio from the Elternförderverein, several engaged pupils from the Wahlpflicht 10 Biology group, the raised beds established by Frau Kühl have been used to raise vegetables for the cafeteria, while Frau Kühl was in a sabbatical year.

We have also set up a website planet strikes back which gives links so that pupils can obtain further information about environmental issues around Berlin and Brandenburg.