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Saplings in November

On the 21st of November a group of students accompanied by Dr. Baker  set off to plant trees in Alt Golm in Brandenburg in cooperation with the Rotary Club Berlin branch.  After a bus journey of one and a half hours we arrived at our destination - a wood, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Luckily it only rained a little.  After being welcomed, we were brought to a small campfire next to a field. There, representatives from the Rotary Club and the August Bier foundation held speeches about the importance of biodiversity for forests, which is why it is important to plant lots of different varieties.  Today, we planted Black Walnut, Lime trees and Hornbeam. The previous time we planted red oak in Basdorf.

We worked in groups of three - one person marked the places, the next dug the hole, the third planted a tree. We switched role regularly. Jumping on the spades to dig holes was fun. It was an amazing feeling to pull gently on a newly planted tree to see if it was plnated correctly, especially if it stayed put and you didn't need to replant it... 

We were very fast and organised and manged to plant hundreds of trees together. By one pm we were done and very exhausted. We got delicious warm soup, bread, tea, coffee and water and warmed up by the fire.

A big thank you to the Rotary Club and August Bier foundation for organising and funding this event. I really think we could make a difference and take a small step towards a more sustainable forest and environment.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, it was very enjoyable.

by Yumi Mohr, 10 EU1