Viel Erfolg bei den Prüfungen im Abitur 2024

Overview of the school programme

Schiller-Gymnasium is a regular secondary school (Grammar School if you come from the UK, High School if you are more familiar with the US educational system) from 7th year onwards.  Schiller-Gymnasium is also the site for the bilingual and bicultural State Europe School Berlin (SESB German-English) 

If you are interested in the SESB program please click here.  The SESB page will tell you about the subjects and their combinations in English. An overall view of the school programme is shown below.

If you are interested in the regular school programme, please click here for more information in German.

You may choose the following combination of foreign languages:    

  • 1st foreign language English and second foreign language French (SESB partner tongue English and German)
  • 1st foreign language French and 2nd foreign language English (not available for the SESB branch)
  • 3rd foreign language as an elective: Latin or Italian (available for the SESB)

Rahmenlehrpläne are the curricula for all subjects from primary school to the Abitur and can be found on the senate for education website in German.

Sekundarstufe I (Years 7 - 10)

Possible electives from the subjects:

Year 8: 3rd foreign language Latin or Italian, Science or Art

Year 9: 3rd foreign language Latin or Italian, Science or Music

Year 10: Continuation of 3rd foreign language Latin or Italian, one or two further electives

You will find more in the school forms (in German) schuleigenen Formularen in the Infobrief (information) und Wahlzettel (choosing the elective)

Latin or Italian can also be taken as a subject for the Abitur exam. 

Work experience:
Three weeks in January in Year 9.

Mittlerer Schulabschluss (MSA)
School qualification at the end of 10th Year.

Sekundarstufe II (Years 11 and 12 leading to the Abitur)

Oberstufenangebot (upper school):     

The qualification phase for the Abitur, which lasts for two years, starts directly after the end of 10th grade.

All subjects which were taken in the Sekundarstufe I (years 7-10) can be continued and can be taken as exams for the Abitur.

If enough pupils are interested, the following subjects can be taken at advanced level (Leistungskurse):

  • German, English, French, Art, Music
  • Geography, Politics, History
  • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.  

Foundationl courses (Grundkurse) are available in Information Studies, Latin, Italian und Theatre Studies.

There are further supplementary courses available for the languages, the arts and physics. A seminar course is offered in the humanities. 

The State Europe School Berlin has certain regulations which you can read about here. You will find more information about different areas in the relevant website section. Please explore!