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The school library is undoubtedly a jewel of our school and we are happy when you come by!

The Leseprofis meet regularly in the library to plan their latest book-related activities. The library is also used by many other AGs, eg the Diversity Club [link only in German], the Creative Cookie Club, the Leistungskurse and many other groups.

Individual workstations are available for research and work. During free periods, these are used by the pupils of the upper grades for quiet and intensive work. In addition, there is a comfortably furnished reading corner.

There are currently around 3500 non-fiction books, novels and audio books in German, English and French. 

The school library of the Schillergymnasium is fully financed by the Förderverein [parent association].

Head of library: Christoph Broszies

Small Reading Room