Vorlesewettbewerb - Schiller-Finale am 15.11.2022 in der 3.+4. Std. in der AULA!
Welcome to the State Europe School Berlin (SESB)

Berlin has a unique concept focusing on bilingualism in nine language combinations from primary school to Abitur-level (Staatliche Europa-Schule Berlin, SESB).  Based at Schiller-Gymnasium (a non fee-paying state school), we are the oldest SESB English-German school at secondary level, offering qualifications at the end of 10th grade (Mittlerer Schulabschluss) and the German Abitur through German and English.

Your child can benefit from the highly successful early partial immersion model that is the basis of our educational concept.  Students feed into our school from the SESB primary schools, but any child may apply, subject to their competence in both languages.

We offer your child a genuinely bicultural education promoting academic skills in both languages taught by first-language speakers.

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Parents talk to Parents: Zoom-Infoabend von Eltern für Eltern der kommenden 7. Klassen Link for Zoom evening with parents  24.01.22 at 7.30 pm for SESB