Viel Erfolg bei den Prüfungen im Abitur 2024
Greener schools for a sustainable future: climate change education

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ program, Ms. Hansen and Mr. Schaeffer participated in a training course on the topic of sustainability education in schools in Iceland in July 2023.

The training provided content on the topic of "sustainability" such as water management, waste prevention, energy management and causes and effects of climate change and created many opportunities to learn about projects exploring small and large-scale approaches to solving the many challenges of the future. A particular focus was the implementation of these projects in schools in order to create a broader awareness among learners to be able to actively and self-responsibly act in the spirit of sustainability, even through small contributions. One example was the presentation of the worldwide friends project (www., which runs various sustainability projects in Iceland. 15 trees planted by the Schiller-Gymnasium will contribute to the reforestation of deforested forests in Iceland after this summer. A visit to the geothermal power plant as well as a micro training on the "carbon-fix" method and climate neutral greenhouses were visited. Central to this was the ongoing exchange of ideas with all group participants about existing opportunities to create an even greater awareness of sustainability at school. This can be done through small projects, but also through long-term changes in the school organization or even through changes that can only succeed with the help of the Senate.

After the training, student exchanges to Liege (Belgium) and Stara Lubovna (Slovakia) are planned. The training was funded by the European Union through Erasmus+.