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Welcome to the History Department!
Year 9 students at a workshop in the Jewish Museum, Berlin

Right in the centre of a city steeped in history, Schiller-Gymnasium is the ideal place to learn about the past.  It is no coinicidence that English and German are partner languages in the SESB.  It is down to history; Schiller-Gymnasium is located in the former British sector.  In classes from from year 7 through to year 12 investigate what happened in the past, from ancient civilisations to international developments in recent years.  Excursions and projects provide the opportunity to go beyond the limits of the classroom and are an essential aspect of history at Schiller.  We have a close cooperation with the memorial site the Haus der Wannsee Konferenz which has enabled us to research our own school history critically.

In SESB history lessons, which are taught in English, we follow the Berlin curriculum whilst having a specific focus on areas of the world where English is spoken.

In year 10 students can opt for an elective in history and politics which is taught in German.  All students take at least one semester of history in years 11 or 12.